J.C. Reid

John C. Reid is the founder of CDR, a specialist technology company, which provides advanced data recovery services. A broad client base, including PLCs, academic and public sector institutions, and high profile individuals, has helped ensure consistent profitability. Moreover, the business is internationally recognised and receives work from Europe and parts of Asia and Africa.

Before establishing the business he acted as a research consultant for the UK branch of a worldwide humanitarian organisation. John helped develop social policy relating to vulnerable elderly adults based on research he personally led. This work was conducted in partnership with a borough council, and the findings were used to reform established local government practices. John has also provided critical analysis of UK government green and white papers for a leading London based advisory service.

His doctoral thesis examined the psychological factors which affect travel mode choice. This thesis, and the associated published research provided the basis for policy decisions at a northern county council. John maintains an enthusiastic interest in current UK transport strategy.

Outside of work he has significant political involvement in the Greater Manchester region and was a parliamentary candidate in the 2015 and 2017 General Election.

John stood for parliament in Greater Manchester as he wanted to stand up for those people who do not feel as if they are represented well by the current local democracy. Greater Manchester’s population is very diverse and John is committed to ensuring that this pluralism is heard both locally and at Westminster. John is a member of the Electoral Reform Society.

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